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Multi-Terra Ltd. was established in 1991. Our registered seat is located in Jász-Nagykun Szolnok county, 150 km from Budapest (on Highway 4) and 50 km from Szolnok, in Túrkeve.

Our company specializes primarily in the manufacturing of metal structures and agricultural machine parts and hoist machines. We provide a broad range of metal-working services to a large clientele, from CNC works and tool machining to molding works.

Starting with 2007, our scope of activities was extended to include the manufacturing and installation of mining and earthwork machines and lawn maintenance machine parts.

Our company is member of the German-Hungarian Industry and Commerce chamber.



  • Stadler Szolnok Vasúti Járműgyártó Ltd. (Szolnok, Hungary)
  • Porr Építési Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Vogel & Noot Mezőgépgyár Ltd. (Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary)
  • ProfiMaster Ltd. (Sopron, Hungary)
  • Boschung EJT Ltd. (Dévaványa, Hungary)
  • Farkas-farm Ltd. (Békéssámsom, Hungary)

We manufacture for, and supply these partners on a regular basis.

We also manufacture parts for companies in addition to our domestic partners:

  • Netherlands: Technisch Advies - en montagebureau R. Boerema (John Deere parts)
  • England: AGCO International GmbH (Massey Ferguson)

Additionally, our activity includes the repair of utility vehicles, parts renovation and trading.

Our company is MSZ ISO 9001:2009 certified. Currently, we have 60 employees: 5 back-office employees, 3 of which have higher technical degrees, 35 fitter-welders, 80% of which are certified, 15 cutters and 5 car mechanics.

The majority of our expert personnel are highly qualified professionals who have acquired their experience at technical maintenance departments, and blacksmith and body mechanic departments as former employees of renowned technical companies.

Our experts (welders, mechanics, machine operators, helpers) are also available for on-site installation work, based on prior agreement.

Our production machine fleet is developed constantly, enabling us to satisfy the higher-quality production demands. Current tenders are monitored continuously, and we apply for any calls for tenders in our field where possible. Our latest financing was granted for technological development within the New Széchenyi Plan.


Multi-Terra Ltd. is Hungarian exclusive distributor, reseller and implementer partner of Silós Cordoba.

Services offered by Silós Cordoba:

  • Conception, planning, design and assembly of agribusiness facilities.
  • Manufacturing of silos.
  • Manufacturing of grain conveying and handling systems.
  • Manufacturing of metal structures and claddings.

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Panel work

  • Cutting with plate cutters to maximum 5 mm thickness (length: 3000 mm)
  • Cutting with gate-saw, band-saw, also in angles other than 90° (fibrous materials)
  • Laser cutting of plates of a maximum of 8 mm (raw steel plates:1500 mm x 3000 mm table size)
  • Flame cutting of plates of a maximum of 100 mm thickness (table size: 2000 mm x 6000 mm)
  • CNC bending to 3000 mm and plate thickness of 8 mm (150 T)
  • Pressing with 25-60 T cam presses
  • Welding with CO2, AFI, AWI technology to 300-600 A
  • CNC controlled flame cutting equipment (raw steel plates: 2500 x 6000 mm table size)
  • Profile bending machine

Surface machining

  • Sanding
  • Painting

Cutting and aluminum machining

  • Line-boring machine TOS W9/W100.1 (1120x1250x1400)
  • Line-boring machine WOTAN (X:1250 Y:1380 Z:1200)
  • NC turning lathe
  • Vertical, horizontal and universal miller
  • Drilling machines, grinding machines
  • CNC lathes
  • Carousel lathe
  • CNC machining center 3d (X:4500, Y:5500, Z:300)

Our computer infrastructure enables us to provide short preparation times, allowing us to meet customer demands in a flexible manner and short time at competitive prices, ensuring our constant and increasing sales revenue.  

It is important for us to maintain the highest quality standards at all times in our manufacturing; therefore, we operate an efficient quality management system, including the regulation of manufacturing and on-site installation processes, guaranteeing the constant and faultless quality of products we deliver. This quality is guaranteed by the establishment and international certification of an MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 compliant quality assurance system.

Our quality policy and objectives are implemented by operating the quality system described in our Standard Operating Procedures manual, by ongoing specialization trainings and by ensuring the appropriate resources. Our Quality Mission Statement clearly reflects our commitment: „Multi-Terra Ltd. means quality and accuracy.”

In 2011, ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd. certified our company according to the MESZ EN ISO 15085-2:2007 standard class CL1, and to the EN MSZ EN ISO 3834-2:2006 standard; therefore, we also hold these certificates. Acquiring the certificates enabled us to provide aluminum machining and welding, thanks to which, our fleet is extended and ongoing training sessions ensure that our staff has up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Our goal is not only to maintain, but to increase our share in the manufacturing of steel structures, cutting and aluminum machining market, in addition to solidifying our position within this field.

We are looking forward to hearing from domestic and international clients in the anticipation of successful future collaboration.


Yours faithfully,


Norbert Katona  
Executive director, owner